Friday, September 10, 2010

Checking Out New Cars

When the new cars came out in the Fall, they really got the town's attention. Remember how the new cars were kept under covers in the dealer showrooms until the Big Day? Then they were unveiled and half the town stopped to check them out. Both sides of Broad Street were lined with parked cars while people went to look at the new Chevys and Fords. My all-time favorite car was the 1960 Chevy Impala - such styling! In this post, tell us about your memories of New Car Days. What was your favorite car?

New people continue to find the blog and many of you keep returning. I need for you to leave comments - that's what makes this fun. My intention in starting this was to gather the memories of a lot of folks as a record of what it was like to grow up in Brevard in the 50's and 60's. As I've said before, all posts remain available for reading and commenting. Whether you're new or a regular visitor, share your experiences with all of us. If you have problems leaving a comment, email me (See Contact Information) and I'll help you.

Go Blue Devils!


  1. As a teen and young adult I was always curious about the new model cars. We would make the rounds to all the dealerships and see what changes had been made. I don't believe we had any serious thoughts of being able to buy any of them, but it was fun to check them out. My real interest has always been the older cars like 55,56 or 57 Chevrolet's or even the 34 Fords and Plymouth 5-window coupes and even older Touring cars. I've bought several new cars in my lifetime, but none of them ever caused me the feelings I have for the older cars. I always enjoyed going to Coxe Ave. in Asheville where all the better used car lots were . Bob Ledford and several other dealers were located there, during that time period. They always had a big selection of all the classic cars of the 50's and 60's. My first car was a 51 Mercury that my older brother left at home when he went into the Navy. Like most of my friends I was glad to have anything to drive. I didn't buy my first new vehicle until 1969. Thinking back to High School and shortly afterward several people had nice cars and took pride in taking care of them. Jimmy Hubbard stands out in my mind as always keeping a nice car and really taking care of it. Most of my friends drove whatever they could afford and spent a lot of time keeping them going.

  2. Besides the brakes and tires I think that probably the most important part of a car was a decent radio. With mostly, just the old AM stations around we were limited as to what we could receive. WPNF was the only local radio station and was predominately the daily obit, weather and adult news station. If my memory is correct the radio stations were much better at night when they broadcast with greater power. You could pick up stations from all over the country. Well we made it without MP-3 Players and Cirrus Satellite Radio. We didn't even have the WalkMan. Its really hard to believe all the wonderful advancements in Technology.