Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Highway Patrolman Jack Cabe

I saw in a recent issue of the TT that Jack Cabe died at the age of 88.  He had a long career as a highway patrolman and an active life after he retired.  He was stationed in Brevard when I was young and lived on Probart.  We were the "law and order" street - Bill Sawyer and Charlie Capell lived on Probart too!

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  1. Pat, I shared the link to this site on a Facebook group page called "You are Probably from Brevard if ..." There's a number of people in the group who will be very interested in this site.

    John Driscoll

  2. Thanks, John! Some wonderful memories in these comments!

  3. After working at Olin (Ecusta) for twelve years I joined the North Carolina Highway Patrol and was fortunate to work with the men who as a teenager I had both feared and respected. Jack Cabe was a Zone Major and supervised the western half of the state. He was also the man who wrote me the only two citations I ever received. He called me over to his table, at the Carolina Inn,at Chapel Hill. Something I had dreaded for a long time. His first words were Brock, Brevard ! I said: Maj.Cabe, I hope thats all you remember! I didn't get off that light. He remembered both occasions. It became a joke between the two of us everytime I saw him. We became very good friends. I see one of his daughter frequently and she told me recently that her Mom moved back to Brevard from Franklin, after Jack died. She lives at College Walk. Jack Cabe, Charlie Capel, Bill Sawyer and all the men who were Troopers in Brevard were very good people. Even with my crime spree of, two tickets I made my thirty and retired.

  4. Michael, Good memories of Jack Cabe! The other patrolman I remember from our growing up years was Gene Beshears. Seems the four of them had tours of duty in Transylvania that spanned a number of years. Thanks for sharing your "youthful indiscretions." I would never have guessed you were on the receiving end of a ticket! Happy New Year!