Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

December brings back so many memories of growing up in Brevard. Although my family didn't go to Asheville often, we always went before Christmas. Snow flurries and holiday music playing over loud speakers were two of the best things about going Christmas shopping in Asheville. Every time I hear "Silver Bells," it reminds me of those annual shopping trips.

Remember the great stores? Ivey's, Bon Marche, John Carroll - I thought they were so elegant. Some even had elevators!

Please post your Christmas memories. I'd love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas to all my friends from Brevard and Transylvania County. May the New Year bring you happiness, health, and your heart's desire.


  1. Hi Pat, My most vivid memory of Christmas growing up is all about the candy we had every year: French creams, chocolate drops, and the peppermint sticks from Bobs Candy Co. (my Dad was from Albany, GA, home of Bobs Candy Co.) so we always had the peppermint sticks, which we used as straws in an orange with a hole cut in it! We also always had the jumbo seeded raisins on the vine, which was a favorite of my Dad's. The bright spot in a trip to Asheville was lunch at Woolworth's lunch counter...a club sandwich and vanilla shake or a patty melt and a cherry fountain coke. I do have special memories about the Christmas Eve communion service at the Presbyterian church in was always at beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Christmas! Thanks for the memories! Wishing you and yours blessings and good health for the new year!

  2. Thanks for sharing such great memories. How nice to have a link to a candy company - every kid's dream! I love Christmas Eve services too. Merry Christmas to you and John and your family.